Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Vintage Camper- The Morning Glory

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One month ago I had a fun surprise awaiting me. Little did I know of my husbands plans to buy me something I had been dreaming of for a while.
 I had been celebrating my sisters birthday at her slumber party and had been away for the night. Daniel had the kiddos and was going to spend special time with them while I was away. The morning after the slumber party, I called to check in and see how they were doing. He said in a very relaxed voice that they were just chilling and watching a movie. Well little did I know that they actually had gotten up at 4 in the morning and were driving up to get my surprise! They drove all the way up to Souix City Iowa to get it. We had been on the search for a while. And since this whole vintage camper fix up has been a growing phenomenon campers like this one go really fast. Or end up being sold for a lot of money. So it was a awesome deal that we found this one when we did and we got a great deal! So anyways back to the storey: By late afternoon I was home and couldn't find them anywhere. A few minutes later they pull up and say they have to show me something....surprise surprise surprise Daniel had bought me my very own vintage camper....

So I now introduce you to morning glory...our 1973 super chic vintage camper. (The name is still slightly pending...we are still in the process of figuring her final name) I am excited to finally now get to do some full on glamping (glamor camping) this year!

vintage camper

vintage camper

As you will see with the before and after pictures. We did a lot to fix her up. Mostly needed paint and new flooring. With all the nooks and cranny's in the vintage camper it was taking me forever to cut in with the paint...I was a little bummed on the slow process and then we had a few cold days hit us where I couldn't work on it. Well in those few cold days Daniel had hired my brother Elijah and his brother phillip to paint the entire inside for me!So all I had was the fun and easier part left for me to do. I got to add my fun splashes of color! That was an amazing surprise. My husband is the best!

The little vintage camper has amazing space! It sleeps 4-6. The table folds into a bed. The couch in back pulls out to a bed (see here for our first night experience in morning glory) and there is a spot for a bunk bed above (we are just using it as a shelf)

vintage camper

I went to work right away picking out the colors I wanted. And let me tell you I LOVE mint blue, yellow, and coral pink and not forgetting stripes! So it wasn't hard putting it together. I found the fabric to recover the seats at a near by bargain store. You can buy a whole roll of fabric for $20! (You can find my post here where I show some pictures of my easy almost sew free way to recover cushions) I bought striped fabric for the same price to make the curtains and some of the pillows (how to here) Daniel picked out the fun bold yellow color, which I am loving. He did a great job!

Now, what you have been waiting for....Before and afters start now!

vintage camper


vintage camper

Our vintage camper- The Morning Glory

So as you can see there was nasty carpet, dark walls and dark bland fabric for the cushions. I wanted to lighten it up with some fun cheery colors while still making it suitable for camping. (i coated the entire surface with high gloss paint...for easy wipe up where little fingers would touch. 

I put up wallpaper in place of the old outdated kind behind the counter top in the kitchen area. I had found the wallpaper last year at a garage sale for $1. The coral flowers worked perfectly with my theme. 

I was also thinking about wallpapering the refrigerator when I decided it would be fun to use my chalkboard paint I had sitting in the basemen. That too, I had found at a garage sale for about 50 cents. It was the perfect spot if the kids wanted to draw a picture.

One thing I love about this vintage camper is the cabinet space. There are so many places to store bedding, food, clothing, etc. So I decided I wanted to have a special cubby for the kids to put their own toys that they want to bring and a place to store their mud boots. So on either side of the couch in the camper was the perfect spot for that. Not only were they getting their own cubby hole, but their own little seat as well. So I made them each a pillow with their initial on it.

The kitchen area is lovely! I have a great view out the window, lots of cabinet space and working appliances.
The pillows I recovered and made from old pillows I had picked up different sales. I used the fabric from the bargain store and made fun colored cloth roses (tutorial here) which made a beautiful array of colors!

                                         When nice days came we were out working on the remodel.
 And when there were the cold days we would drive it over to daniel's work where we could get indoors in the shop where the temp stays around 72 degrees. It was nice!

The kids would run around and play while we spent the time sanding and painting. One thing about the shop is that you get so dirty from all the (you guessed it!) ......dirt and dust!!! And each night the kids would get covered in dirt and have quite a fun time! Always looking forward to their bath before bed! Below is a pic of Creed and I at the shop. You can see some dirt already ascending to his face!

As a very sweet house...wait....camper warming gift, my dear friend Courtney vetter made us a very sweet present for the camper. Our very own s'more kits. Perfect to have waiting for us when we go camping and can each grab a jar and make a s'more easy as that!
 Thanks Courtney!

Just wanted to end my post by saying how thankful I am for my wonderful husband thinking of me and getting me this special vintage camper~ It represents a lot to me: Just seeing God's faithfulness in His healing hand... that I can spend this summer healthy and alive! That I don't have to be on dialysis 3 times a week for 5 hours straight... that I can easily get away for a weekend without worries. That is such a huge blessing!  I can't wait to relax in God's beautiful nature this year with my amazing family and to cherish wonderful moments and enjoy the wonderful season God has given me. I am also excited about the opportunity this will  give us to have some fun homeschooling moments. We def plan to make a bug collection, press flowers, hunt for fossils, and make mud pies. :)
   Thankful for all the blessings!

Happy Glamping!

-Hannah Winter 

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  1. You did such a great job! It looks so fresh and bright and clean! I love it!

  2. Beautiful! It is amazing how cheerful it looks with the pretty new colors! You two did an excellent job!

  3. Congratulations on refinishing your first glamper!!! I just finished the redoing the Pink Paradise too! A 1972 Frolic. I love how you can just let your creativity flow with these little devils. Your's is so cute. Check mine out on my blog if you get a second. Signed, A sister glamper!

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  5. Hi Hannah,

    What a lovely caravan you have! I found it on Pinterest.
    I have a blog on caravan styling: Is it okay if I do a post on your great caravan?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards, Femke

  6. Hello

    My name is Leonor Teixeira, I’m a portuguese journalista for a lifestyle magazine called Luxwoman ( and I’m writing about glam caravans and trailers. I saw yours on Pinterest and I’d love to publish it! Could some me some photos in high-resolution, please?My email is

    Thank you so much!

    1. So sorry I didn't get back with you on this. Somehow I didn't get notified about your comment. :)

    2. By the way, my dad grew up in Brazil and speaks Portuguese fluently. We lived in Belem for about 1/2 year.

  7. I loved your emphasis on family, love, and thankfulness to God. The camper is precious. Your post has given me renewed faith in humanity.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Blessings!

  8. I truly enjoy your Rv make over , the colors take. Me back when I bought our first home small 2 bedroom and everything was light peach checkered black and white the old-time teal table with a matching chairs the teal washing machine and dryer back in the Lucy days I Love Lucy days is beautiful but anyway I truly enjoyed it thank you for sharing