Monday, August 5, 2013

My 25th Birthday- Backyard Movie Night

When I think of birthdays, I think of fellowship, fun, and laughter. So when I thought of what I wanted to do for my birthday party this year " A Girls Night" was what came a poppin in my mind. I thought a theme would be fun for the night. So I came up with doing a Outdoor Movie my backyard!

The most important part of the girlfriends. I had a lot of friends able to make it to my special night. And they blessed be above and beyond. We got silly, crazy, and had a lot of laughter. Lots of it. The beginning of the night entailed a few of us breaking into a spontaneous "Harlem Shake" Dance, I ate my cupcake like a 1 year old, my "magic trick candles" that I bought for myself...wouldn't relight. they tricked me for sure. :P And of course all my fun friends kept me laughing.

The Theme and Set-Up-

The party was held on the deck. Where we had one area of food and seating. And on the upper deck I (and my amazing helpers, Chloe, Esther and Abby, Adonia) turned it into our movie lounge. We set up plush blankets, pillows, and little trays of nail polish. All facing the huge screen where we would later watch 1/2 of the movie "The princess Bride " (i'll tell you more later)

A few days before I got the decorations made...

A few nights before I sat on the couch and made the decor

The fans ended up costing about 30 cents a piece to make. The garland for the deck cost about $2 worth of yarn to make.

Adonia and Abby helped make the garland 

my little helper

With the scrap paper I got left over from making the fans I made cupcake toppings and paper to go underneath. And I got some cute chevron yellow ribbon from Hobby Lobby for $3.

My undisclosed helpers who wouldn't show their faces....

We set up a lounge area for when we started our movie. We found it to be our favorite spot and hung out there most of the night.

Of course for our outdoor movie we needed a movie screen. And Daniel's awesome boss let us borrow his projector and screen. I didn't get a great picture of the movie theater set up. But you can see the screen set up in the back for the later movie showtime.

Then the Party got started!!!

Doing nails

Nail time!

photo courtesy of abby
photo courtesy of abby


self explanatory 

Watching Princess Bride!

Half way through the movie we see lightning in the distance. Checked the radar and it was headed our after a few more minutes of watching the movie, we finally convinced ourselves that we should probably bring everything in. We cleared the entire deck off...and right as the last item came indoors it started to rain. So we figured we would have to have another party to finish the later 1/2 of "The Princess Bride" movie. :) 

Hannah Winter