Friday, July 19, 2013



The idea: No forks, spoons, knives, or plates. Just straight off the table!
I got a cheap shower curtain liner (you could also use a plastic table cloth)
We drew our place mats and names. And dished up Spaghetti, Salad, and Garlic Bread. And had at it!

Another idea to do would be to take the time to get out colored markers or permanent and draw designs and pictures and decorate your table cloth (white shower curtain liner) before you eat. Makes a fun project for the kiddos.

HaPPy Eating!

Hannah Winter

Crazy Family Nights

Our poor neighbors must think we are crazy! So far the last week they have seen us stuffing our face with spaghetti only using our hands, lounging in baby pools in the front yard like they were hot tubs and seen us dressed like a bunch of weirdies. But hey, we enjoy our family nights.

 I have recently been thinking on some fun ways to spruce up our family nights. Like really think out of the box. Its been a lot of fun coming up with some crazy or just fun ideas and actually doing them. Not a lot of prep time and its easy fun!

So last nights excursion was our Dress up night.
#1. Daniel secretly bought my outfit at a thrift store, I picked out his and the kids picked out eachothers. We could spend up to $4 on an outfit with accessories. Cool thing: our local thrift store does "fill-a-bag" for $10. So we not only got all our outfits fit in but filled it up 2/3rds of the way with clothes we will actually wear. :)
Rule: #2 You have to go to 5 different places around town to bravely face crowds and embarrass ourselves....or others

thrift store shopping for our outfits

This was an option...

So we had a clothes presentation.

This was Daniels first pick. But when Adonia came in with the orange scarf and Daniel found out I had picked that for him to wear. He pulled out the big guns and went and got the dress that I actually wore last night.

Our photoshoot on the front porch

The Teacher...

The captain...

The twins-

Our 5 excursions....

#1 Daniels work

#2 Josh and Amandas house

#3 Walmart

#4 My parents house

#5 The Library
We had so many stares during our excursions around town. And we totally acted like it was a normal day so people didn't know how to react. If they had asked us if we were wearing costumes....we would have acted confused and offended. HA HA

Last weeks family night entailed eating with no forks, spoons, or knives. Spaghetti with our hands. It was a beautiful night outdoors. So we took advantage of that! Here is the link to that post:

Remember there is endless room for creativity, and fun ways to bring your family together!
Hannah Winter