Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas time is here!

::a sigh of contentment:: What a month! What a good month to be blessed with! I sit here on my lounge chair next to the fire with no agenda on my plate today. And its wonderful! Yes, our month has been somewhat busy with holiday parties, christmas shopping, and some winter projects. But I have noticed quite a few large pockets of space where I have had the chance to relax and takes things easy. This month especially has been a wonderful time relaxing and having fun with my kids. Okay, if you were one of our neighbors you would probably think we were nuts! Looking through our living room window you would most likely find us doing one of the following things A. Running around the living room, dancing like crazy (and coming up with some whacky new moves) to some loud music. B. Running in and out of the house with fists full of snow to have snowball fights indoors. C. Kids lounging in their diaper or underwear playing games! Lol  They are just the funnest, silliest, sweetest things I could have around me and I love spending almost every waking moment with them!

 This month I have set in a new tradition for our mornings in the Winter household. When the kids rise and shine they come directly to my bed with a pitter patter of 4 adorable little feet and we make sure we get to snuggle for atleast a 1/2 hour before we wake up for our day. Sometimes it ends up we snuggle and nap for a bit longer, or read some books, but the majority of the time ends up with a pillow fight, flips on the bed, or a wrestling smooching match. It absolutely brings joy to my heart to have this speical time with them. Gets our mornings off to a great start! Now in the past we would normally have snuggle times often, but never intentional or as a set habit. And I think having certain things planned for on a regular basis is super healthy!
                                                                  Essential elements that bring and hold a family together can get lost in the chaos of life. So I think its so key for families to have set habits they do together continuously. Like family game nights every Friday, or a popcorn popping tradition on Sunday afternoons, a picnic in the park every wednesday, a fort building and story telling tuesdays, mopping mondays, hide and go seek saturdays :) There is so much creativity that can come from new and fun ideas for the family. :) And make a calender of it too! And write silly and fun things to do on random days.

The beginning of this month started out with a trip to the E.R for my son Creed. As most of you have seen the pictures it was pretty frightening and gruesome! He tripped while holding a pen which gouged right by his eye. But as I have learned having my son Creed, he is one of those kids that hurts himself all the time, yet heals amazingly fast with no problems. So I knew (if he still had an eye) that he would very likely be okay. The next day I flew to Atlanta, so I felt a little bad to have to leave him. But knew he would be in good hands (his wonderful daddies, of course!) And as I guessed he healed super quickly and there is hardly a mark!

I had quite an amazing time in Atlanta! Never been to the city before but since I heard the walking dead was filmed there and recently had watch the movie "Due Date" thats starts out at the Atlanta Airport I was pretty excited! For starters: The city was gorgeous! And where we stayed was smack dab in the middle of the bustling city. During our stay there I waved down and took my first 2 taxi cabs in my life. (that was an experience!), I got to be a part of the big college football game working for Dr. Pepper at the SEC championship. Dr. Pepper was super amazing to work with (with the added perks of 24/7 unlimited Dr. Pepper (its my favorite soda), a super chic hotel, and great people around! I had the chance to take pictures during the halftime show and actually get out on the field at the Georgia dome. It was incredible! I ate my lunch daily in the huge CNN center and attended several booming parties for work taking pictures of all the guests. It was quite the experience that I am so glad I could be a part of! It was also a weekend of peaceful rest. I have no idea what those beds were made out of! But I slept like a rock and was able to sleep in! ::amazing::

Its nice to have that time to get away for a while.....but then its SOOOOO wonderful reuniting with my family again! I missed them lots!

This month we also celebrated Creed's 2nd birthday. We already had a party back in October. But we did a little something for his actual birthday. Chuck E Cheese was the ticket! Daniel and I ended up right next to Creed and Adonia that childrens world! It was a blast!
We have so been enjoying having my husbands younger brother Phillip living with us! He is a big blessing to have around! He is so super sweet and always helpful with anything going on in the house. He is always thinking of others, especially if ones tummy is craving french toast sticks at any random hour,  Phillip would be the one to drive to sonic and surprise you with them. :) He also has a huge tv in his room which is a nice bonus (makes for some great movies that Daniel and I sneak down to watch when he is gone :) hee hee

I have to say, even though we only got 1 snow before Christmas....I am one happy lady! It was a wonderful magical snow we got. And enough to get me into the perfect Christmas mood! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! And that you would be continually reminded of the reason for the season! We have a Savior for Christmas! The greatest gift ever! Thank you thank you Lord! I know I for one am in great need of redeeming love! God bless you all as you enjoy your Christmas and celebrate on into the New Year!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis the season to be Jolly!

 The kids are in the bath right now. So I thought I could write another random post just for kicks. Speaking of kicks, I know of some little people who know how to kick (and splash). Right now the tub has 1/3 of less water in it then when I filled it up. Wonder where the water all went? Mmmm probably the soaked towel on the floor, the running stream through my bathroom and my very own clothes had a little bit to do with catching some flying water :)

Well the Christmas season is finally here! And boy am I excited! Of course we are now headed into the cold months which I particularly don't like and have frankly forgotten what it feels like. But add in the lights..(or should I say more lights, since you all know that I use them year round) , warm fires, the hot cups of tea, scarves and mittens, and the cloudy snowy days and I'm all for it! I am very excited for this year, especially since my parents and siblings are back from Africa to stay! And what a blessing to have them living close by.

 We have had a good start to the season! This last week we enjoyed pulling out all our decorations and setting up a christmas wonderland. This year I tried to keep my decor more simplified. Since my  Christmas excitement tends to lead to, well lets just say, I tend to want to stick a christmas-e item in every empty spot or bare space on the wall equaling in a Christmas overload. Which can be okay, just ALOT of work and decorations. Plus, I think if there is too much going on sometimes it can overshadow a few cool pieces to the room. So I decided to pick out a few key items that I liked the most. And stick to a simple theme. I chose gold in my living room with the accent of red. Gold is such a wonderful warming color. I love the feel it gives to the room.

When I was putting together my centerpiece for my table this year, I decided to go with something a little more neutral, and not full on Christmas-e. I love green and I love plants and flowers. Anywhere I can add God's natural beautiful creation.... I will. I also found a bag of fake artichokes at a garage sale for 50 cents this summer and wanted to find a place for them. And they found a spot on my table.

And anyone wondering about my tree stand? Funny story! Last week it was an end table in our living room. When the glass on the top accidentally broke, I was kinda bummed.  I really liked the look of the table and I knew we probably wouldn't get the glass replaced for a while. So when the tree was brought in and I was looking around for a cute skirting to put on it. The idea popped in my head to do something a little different. So there you go folks. another use for an end table :)

     This outdoor light I bought at a store going out of business for $2.
 I bought 2 and Daniel re-wired so I could plug them in and add some light to the living room instead of using another lamp.

If you know me, one of the most important things to me is good lighting in a room. It can take the feel of the room to a whole new level. No florescent lighting thank you very much! So what I cherish in a room is a lot of warm lighting at several different points in the space. (also with added dimmers so you can set the mood.) So an awesome thing that I can't pass up telling everyone about is this super cool light control box my husband bought me a few weeks ago. You can get them at home depot or probably any home improvement store. Its a box that comes with a set of 3 plug ends and a remote. I think he spent around $20. You just plug what ever you want into the socket and can control turning it off and on with the remote. It has worked perfectly with the christmas lights. Plus I always take lights that are supposed to be wired into the ceiling and just have my husband wire it so I can just plug it into the wall anywhere. So for me in my household I tend to walk have to walk around unplugging things. So this makes it super simple to flip the christmas tree lights off, and some living room lights, and lamps. 

Another quick tip on one of my favorite subjects. Pillows! They are pretty expensive in the store, but you can pick up cute ones at a  any garage sale or thrift store (for anywhere from 25 cents to a couple bucks) I keep a collection stored away and switch them out all throughout the year. Its an inexpensive, quick and simple way to add change and color to a room for a new season.

 I have been keeping busy with the mothering side of life to learning a new trade. I am very much enjoying my newly discovered love for photography. Has become a lot of fun! Its been a transition trying to balance work and home. But a good transition at that. Gives me a little time to get a way and do something I love, while still giving me the chance to spend most of my time with my family.
This weekend I fly to Atlanta to photograph the SEC football championship. Have never been to Atlanta, so I am excited about being a part of it all. 

I think as life gets busier for me, I have been realizing how easy it gets to lose track of what life is really all about. The easy track tends to lead to the misuse of money, things, people, status, and worst of all the symptom of me me ME!!! I have definitely been crying out to the Father to give me clear focus in direction as life moves on. Living life to the fullest isnt a bad thing. Its just the question of what are we filling our life full with? Its hard sometimes to wrap my tiny head around all of God's amazing attributes and characteristics. And sometimes I try to add up my worth by wordly standards or ones that I feel I should set for myself. When all God's wants is my heart,and He takes care of the transformation in me. I have already passed the test! God opened His arms and I came running!

" When you become consumed by God's call on your life, everything will take on new meaning and significance. You will begin to see every facet of your life - including your pain - as a means through which God can work to bring others to Himself."
Charles Stanley

    God gives such joy to us when we aren't trying to obtain everything for ourselves, but others.  I am asking God for diligence in using my time wisely to open up the opportunity to reach others in love and service. To be a light and bring glory to the One that we celebrate this season!

 Well, I hope everybody is having a good season this year. But as we all know how seasons work, not one is the same. And not all are as jolly. This time last year I was just fresh out of the hospital for the 3rd or 4th time, going to dialysis every other day for hours on end, taking around 50 pills a day,dealing with by whole body just being out of whack. But I am thankful to say this year I feel SO much better. It just makes me think how important it is to keep the right attitude and spirit in a rough spells of our life, because it never lasts. God is always faithful to bring us out of the desolate times and into a season of peace. So whatever season you are experiencing this year , just know that God is with you all the way! And with so many blessings surrounding us in so many little ways, we can be sure to find lots to be jolly about. 

Blessings and love!

P.S funny quote of the week. Found my daughter looking out the window and she turns to me and says "Mom I love looking at the trees to see the pink possums that live on it." Pink possums? I have never seen one of those. "Yes, they are soooo pretty!" Oh you mean pink Blossoms? "yeah! blossoms" . :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

First post, here we go!

So here we are, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Just haven't had the time or energy. Until and cloudy rainy day happened...and here I am. As you will soon find out, I am no writer. What is written is well...hannahish. Blunt and simple.
I have been through so much this past year. I thought it might be good to keep people updated on our lives through this here blog. I so appreciate everyones prayers for my continuing health. God is good!
As you all know, I have a new job with Salt and Light Photography! Working with one of my best old time friends and her awesome husband has be well...awesome! They have been so gracious to open up a spot for me! I have soooo been enjoying all the learning and fun opprotunites. Its been a great experience taking part in capturing some  amazing weddings this fall. If anyone needs portraits, engagements, family, wedding pics! Feel free to contact Salt and Light!
Anyways, I am so blessed to have the life God has given me. I am so thankful for my amazing husband who loves on me everyday! For my cutie-pies Adonia and Creed whom I dearly love! We sure have lots of fun together. So many things that bring so much joy in my life! Thank you Lord, I am grateful!