Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The vacuum makeover!

Check out the vacuum makeover tutorial below!

How my week started....

My "get well" spot for the week

My home was located on the couch this last week. The sickness got its way around to me and it has been No fun at all! And unfortunately when I do get sick it likes to drag to drag on. Daniel and the kids have done a great job of caring for me. Adonia and Creed have been great about running and getting me fresh cold water, cough drops, kleenex, and snacks. :) Just yesterday Adonia volunteered to put on a puppet show for me. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Time to start the show!

Adonia made "open" and "closed" signs. So we would know when to watch or not.

 This Week's Book

I decided last week that I would pick one book for the week and we would read it and learn about the subject of the book. I have been wanting to keep them lighthearted and funny books. So Last week it was iguanas (and Hannah Enriquez won the book..I'll be sending it your way soon)
So the book for this weeks reading is called "Hoovers Bride" if you have never read a David Small  book I would highly recommend it! His drawings are super awesome and his books are hilarious!
The book hoovers bride is about a man who never cleans his house, and finally when there is a landslide of dust in his house someone gives him a vacuum that he falls in love with. Sounds a bit strange, I know. But its a super fun read. So check it out for yourself. And go ahead and check some more of David Smalls books out. You won't regret it!

So our subject was Vacuums for the week. Why I picked that book for our topic? Well maybe because I love the david small books and was wanting a laugh, or maybe just for the fact that my house needed vacuumed and I thought I could make it a game for the kids. No matter the reason. It was Vacuums! :)

The kids Craft :

The craft for the kids was to create and design their own vacuum cleaner (like in the book) and give it a name. They had lots of fun. Creed went crazy drawing the hose for his vacuum.

Adonia named her "Persia" like a Persian rug!

Creed couldn't think of a name, so we named it Elmer. After the glue he used to put the bowtie on his vacuum. :)

Mommy's Craft-

We sat down and watch how vacuums work and how they are made. And our last project to do about Vacuums was to give ours a makeover! I have never seen it done before...No where on pinterest could I find one. So I don't know if I am the only crazy one to come up with this. But we did it! It took about an hour of our afternoon. And we had our ugly Oreck turned into something shabby chic. Sure it is just a vacuum. But if its that easy to make look cute. And its the topic of your week? Why not?


You can click on the images to see a bigger view and to view "just" the images.

The kids helped me spray paint. I'll I had to do was tape off the light on the front and the push button. Then I went to town with a $4 leftover spray paint can from a previous project. It went on easy and with a few coats was done.

the kids tore me off pieces of tape. And we taped the light of the vacuum off in prep for the spray paint

spray paint going on
I then found extra fabric to wrap around the old vacuum bag and fastened it with velcro in about 4 places. You could use buttons or safety pins as well. Or even sew on some extra straps to tie it on and off to make for an easy back switch.

Then I made the very popular and super simple cloth roses for the bag and the head of the vacuum. Wallah!

There are so many options of pick from awesome fabric. I just used what I had laying around...but If I had had a Joann Fabric close by and a little extra time, I would totally have picked out some fun modern fabric. And I may just try switching it up in a month or two. There would be so many options to choose from. To make it super chic.

The kids then had fun vacuuming our rugs and carpets. And on the last rug we did a race to see who could vacuum it the fastest. Adonia won!

Growing up my mom used to name everything in the house.... Including our family vacuum cleaner. It was "Kirby"...and she would tell us to go "change" kirby's diaper. Which meant to change the vacuum bag. We had a very lively childhood. :)
So I thought I would keep the tradition and name the family vacuum, finally. So we came up with Fiona. Since it was an ugly oreck (reminded us of Shreck) it was transformed into a lovely princess. So princess Fiona. Even though in the movie she does turn into an ogre....well...you get what we were going for. Fiona it is.

Maybe somebody out there has a ogre vacuum they want to transform?

Hannah Winter

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