Monday, July 8, 2013

Our 4th of July Celebration

What a beautiful 4th of July we had this year! With the unexpected down pour of refreshing rain the day before, it was a nice surprise to have such lovely weather. Adonia of course jumped at the opportunity to go play in the rain when we realized what was happening outside. So I joined her in a race down the sidewalk and in a splashing competition in the street. I like to take advantage of the warm downpours in the summer.

We had the opportunity to view 2 fireworks shows for the 4th of July. One the week before which didn't fail to please. It was synchronized to music which made it fun. We went with our brother and sister in law. It was a good time.

Adonia and Reagan ready and prepared with their ear muffs.
Since I was still under the weather with my nasty cold, I didn't get to my 4th of July decor till a few days before. Adonia and I spent the afternoon making some quick and easy garland, and adding a few splashes of red, white, and blue.

My side of the family celebrated with us for the 4th. 

my dad about to do a tossing game with Adonia

She is probably scared out of her mind right now. :)

We decided we would cook some of our favorite things (and since I am taking a month off the gaps intro (mainly sticking with the gaps full diet) we thought we would cook some of our favorite things. You could say a little splurging was involved. Hot and spicy Chicken wings, grilled cheese sandwiches, yummy feta salad, and chips and dip.
grilled cheese...right about ready to get grilled.

the grill master


I had been wanting to try a gaps friendly dessert recipe. Sugar/grain free Lemon poppyseed cupcakes with some sugar free lemon frosting. The 2 recipes turned out delicious. So I thought I would share them with you. You can find the cupcake recipe here Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes and the frosting Lemon Coconut Frosting turned out super delish. Instead of almond milk I substituted for the cream of the top of a can of coconut milk. Gave it an extra taste of yummy. They are very tasty left over. I put mine in the fridge and eating them cold was perfect.

These are how mine turned out. I wanted to do something with berries. So I topped with Strawberries and blueberries.
lemon poppy seed muffins batter

It was great to hang out together as a fam. We ended up having a water balloon fight on the deck. I think I started it. Okay, I KNOW I started it. Daniel was standing innocently by the grill with no clue what was going to happen next. With a water balloon in my hand i totally seized the opportunity and threw it hard and fast right square on his back! It burst and the look on his face was priceless. So then everybody else joined in.

filling balloons

We did some water balloon tossing games as well.

We feasted!!!

And ended the night heading to Parkville to walk around the fair and enjoying the fireworks display.

Hannah Winter

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