Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Days

What better to do than prepare for a second Ice age! Funny story Esther and I went shopping last night and in the parking lot everyone was coming out with carts full of food in preparation for the upcoming 2nd snow storm. So I shouted loudly "We better Prepare for the Ice Age!!!!" (like the do-do birds say in the movie) everyone just looked over like I was some loony. Probably because I am! Ha ha

So really all you need for a snow storm is making sure you have a lot of popcorn on hand, games and some fun old time movies you haven't watched in a while. Daniel went to the thrift store and bought some movies for the kids and I. I was excited to see sound of music in the bunch. I love that movie!

 We have sooo enjoyed the snow! The kids found some time to get outdoors when it started snowing (the 1st storm) and we headed outdoors the beautiful Saturday we had to take a walk all the way over to Grandmas for some hot chocolate. Being cooped up makes us find a lot of creative things to do. The other night we popped some delicious popcorn and had competitions to see how many pieces of popcorn one could toss and make into the others mouth. We ended up  having a popcorn fight. You can always find stuff to do when there isn't much to do. :)

We also made some crafts together as a family. One was really fun. They are called yarn pom poms. You can do so many things with these for decorations or just tossing around with the kids for fun. You can find how to make a pom pom headband here.
For this next snow storm I plan to make lots more of these and have us as a family play "Trash the backyard" in our living room. If you have never played that game you make a netting (or hang up a sheet in between teams and divide the balls equal amounts between the 2 teams. On the cound of 3 you try to throw as many pom poms over the "net" as you can before the time runs out (while in the mean time they are throwing more over into your area) when time is up you count how many are on each teams side and whoever has the least wins!

Staying indoors has given Adonia and I time to focus a lot on her schoolwork. We were doing math today and decided to help her with counting and make an abacus. The ones online were around $15 so I thought I would get creative. We made one out of yarn, cheerios and candle stick holders. She loved it!

My smart little girl is doing so well in her school. She is a bright little thing! She loves to draw and color so I have been working with her in art. I give her a picture and have her try to copy it. She has been doing really well.


Daddy and Creed working on the dirtbike together in our dining room. Like father like son.


  I love it when my children play well together. And this week was one of those. They found so many fun things to make and do together. I love to see them have so much fun!

Since I have been thinking I am having a slightly small lupus flair I have gone back to a very strict diet. So I have been finding myself in the kitchen making up concoctions I can eat. Its been kinda a challenge. But for the best! Today I worked on making my own Salad Dressing. Turned out pretty good.

 And now to my find of the week! I hit the thrift store (well not literally) and found some amazing deals! One outfit I put together for under $5. The skirt was a high rise slimming black one that I love. It cost $2. It came with a top that was sewed in that I didn't like. So i cut that part off.  Now I am able to add any top to it. The blue knit wet seal top was 1/2 off for $1 and the outer jacket was also $1. I did not include the necklace, but that cost $3.

The skirt works wonderful to match with other tops for different looks. Here is another chic top I found for $2 at our local thrift shop. Works well with the skirt or dresses up a pair of jeans. :)

I hope you all have a very blessed day and stay safe and warm indoors from all the snow! Enjoy it while its here because spring is just around the corner!



  1. I think I need to visit you and go thrifting... I can't get the same deals up here!

  2. Ya, I think you must have one awesome thrift store. At the ones up here it's hard to find even one cute piece for the prices you are! Regardless, way to go bargain finder!