Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kitchen Makeover!!! All in a days work!

FINISHED: I loved the fun spring mints and salmon pinks!

So I wanted to share with you my kitchen makeover! It took only one afternoon and less than $20 in paint, frames, pictures, and a brush. It was lots of fun to do and I had been wanting to get my hands into it for a while. I managed to get a before picture (sometimes I get so excited to start the project that I forget to take a before)


My wedding bouquet!

A little place to leave messages for Daniel before he goes to work!

 I had old windows sitting in the basement from when we replaced ours. I wanted to add a fun pop to the cabinets, while still be able to leave them mostly white (i love the bright clean feel)

I got 97 cent frames from walmart. They came in black.

One of the colors I used was a fun pink I got in the sample paint for $2.98

Home Depot's sample paint only comes in flat finish. It works great for picture frames! A super easy project for a quiet afternoon. You can mix and match so many colors. I worked with about 4 different paint colors and came up with 6-7 different colors by mixing. :) A great way to add some fun color! And you can always easily switch up the color later.

Have fun!


  1. Very Cheerful, and pretty colors! Good job Hannah! Love Aunt Diana