Monday, April 1, 2013

Part 2- Our first Campout in the Vintage Camper! -Glamping

Friday, Easter weekend turned out beautiful! So last minute Daniel calls me around noon and proposes an idea. That he would take a late lunch break and take the kids and I out to Weston State park with our vintage camper and camp for the night as part of our Easter celebration! I totally jumped on the idea! I had been waiting for the opportunity to take it out and see how we fared!
 So with only a few hours to get ready, and and idea to do some sort of nice easter-like dinner, I scrambled to grab what I could.
 So here is a bit of our time camping...or should I say....Glamping. We had a amazing time. The kids and I (while Daniel finished up his day at work) set up our campsite, had a picnic and a really fun photoshoot.
We had a lovely Easter dinner in the beautiful outdoors.......

And here is some from the mini photo shoot I had with the kiddos! It was fun!

That night Daniel's brother Phillip and Jessica came to visit us by the campfire for some smore making. When it got darker and colder they headed for home and we climbed into our warm little home away from home. I made some warm tea and Daniel did the Resurrection eggs with the kids at the table. Then we climbed into our warm comfy beds and headed off to dreamland....

It was wonderful!

Happy Glamping,
{Check back in a few days for the blog post of our Easter celebration this year!}