Friday, April 12, 2013

A decorator's spring touch!

Everytime a spring arrives I get a tingling of excitement fly through me as I anticipate the revival of lots of green! God decorates the outdoors with beautiful spring colors and carpets his created place with the beautiful color green! While I am busy on the inside recreating His beauty with lovely spring vibe. And for me that means lots of greens! And I LOVE IT! and along with that comes my weakness for stripes. :)

So here is a peak into the beginning of my spring decorating. Since I have only been able to hit the thrift stores this winter and haven't started my garage sale bargains, I am sure I will attain some more decorating finds as spring rolls on to add to the array.

                                     The wreath from one of my favorite stores: Nell Hill

                          I love the black and white and green theme in my dining room

I had some extra fabric from the camper redo, So I decided it would hurt to have some extra fun in the library. So I put some of the fabric in the window seat and sewed a few pillows to tie it all in.

The spring project for this month was a fun and unexpected surprise my wonderful husband gave me.
Upon my arrival home from a weekend trip Daniel told me that I immediately needed to close my eyes. I was thinking it was to avoid the mess that had accumulated while I had been gone. But really was purposed to to keep me from seeing saws and power tools. :) He led me up stairs to our room to have me open my eyes to a whole new floor! Daniel and Phillip had spent the weekend watching kids PLUS clearing out our entire room and putting in new flooring! I was SOOOO excited! I have been wanting a new floor for sometime now! The hardwood is going to feel and look so nice. And I am super excited for a fresh start to the room and the opportunity add a few new touches. A couple more steps till its done. Pictures soon on the finished room.

 With our room empty, everything got transferred to the kids room. We are going to be having several slumber parties as a family till the room gets done!

 Have a great weekend!  And if you want to check out a few highlights of my weekend in Vegas click below

                               Las Vegas Baby!    

Hannah Grace

 p.s I will be happy when our spring weather is more consistent. The kids and I hit the perfect day when it was still beautiful warm weather to go play at the cousins house. 

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