Friday, April 12, 2013

Las Vegas Baby!

So I had been so blessed with the opportunity to do a photography for the ACM's this last weekend. With the additional gift to attend the Country Music Awards as a guest. I thought I would post some photos of the glorious weekend and let you in on some of the fun things I got to be a part of. I felt so privileged and blessed to have it all paid for and be treated to such fun and exciting events!
 To preface nothing that happened to me in Vegas was in the category of something that would have to stay in I will fully share my weekend details.

A lot of people have been asking how in the world did I get the opportunity to do this? So just to clarify and give a big thanks to Leroy and Julie (owners of Marketing Images) for giving me this opportunity to work with them. We had known their in laws for several years and I used to nanny for some of their family. It was until less than a year ago that i met them and got opprotunites to do work for them. One of the big companies that hire them for photography are Dr Pepper. And dr. pepper sponsored the ACM'S.  And were so generous to provide the tickets for us to attend the award ceremony sunday night.

Maybe I will not make this quite so  long and boring and just show pictures and give you a wirlwhind sentence to tell you the highlights.... here we go...deep breath...

Arrived, huge hotel, amazing room.....relaxed.....evening time worked taking pictures of Little big a picture with Little big town....walked the strip....saw the Bilagio fountains...ate at a huge buffet at midnight....went to sleep in an amazingly comfy bed....woke up...realized my drivers license and debit card were lost...went to police station....filed a had almost been taken from it but had failed at some atm...those stealing back to hotel...had delicious off.....sat by pool to relax....AMAZING....float trip in lazy river at pool....shopped at the candy store.....bag full of gumballs and sprees for the at an amazing sandwich ready for evening events.  Met and got pictures with Lee Bryce.....took pictures of guests.....met Corbin Easton...took pictures of him and guests....met Florida Georgia Line....watched Luke Bryan concert while standing next to duck dynasty's Willie and a picture with Willie....COOL....ate amazing dinner at an amazing restaurant at 1 in the morning....looked at pictures Daniel sent of the kids....missed them......went to bed around 3 a.m....woke up at 11 ready and shopped on the strip...enjoyed all the beautiful buildings....went into the hotel lobbies.....went purse shopping....bought a delicious ice tea....saw some crazy people on the back dolled up for the acm's. Got in line....was there at the acms.....INCREDIBLE!....i enjoyed a live show with top artists....Kelly clarkson, Taylor swift, john mayor,  Carrie underwood,the band perry and so many more.....not to forget....STEVIE WONDER....amazing amazing show....attended the after party with more wonderful performances of bands and artists and delicious food.....hit the hay.....woke up..drove to airport...with no i.d got a background check and serious pat down....passed the test....flew home....discovered how to make a dinosaur origami on the plane....uncle Phillip and kids met me at excited to see them....went out for a movie...headed home

Got a picture with Willie from the duck dynasty gang!
My outfit for the music awards

Sorry for not having very many good pictures of the ACMS. I had my phone and the battery died half way through.
Didn't even get a chance to get a picture of my dress on the red carpet they had at the after party :( oh well

Over and out!


  1. O.....M.....G.....!!!!! Happy Dance for you!! That is unbelievably amazing!!! God is so Good!! Little Big Town!!! O...M...G...!!! I am SSSOOO jealous!!! stealing stinkers!! Little Big Town!!!!! O...M...G...!!!!!!

  2. You Lucky Duck! You are BLESSED!