Monday, May 6, 2013

A marshmellow Birthday!

A few days ago I wrote this post....and am finally finishing it up on a nice warm day! Glad to see the change!.......
4/2/2013 -With this wet and wintery day upon us, I get the opportunity to barricade myself indoors from the icy cold and write a post. If not for this nasty weather you would probably have seen me spending my time much differently....IN THE SUN! OUTDOORS, WITH THE FLOWERS AND THE WIND!!!!! -you get the idea- :)

This last weekend was a full one. With the crazy garage sale lady on the loose (yes, yours truly) and with the chance at the unlimited neighborhood garage sales. I had quite the weekend. Daniel and I spent our Saturday morning together on a nice date, we got up around 5 a.m and headed to the big Leavenworth Fort garage sale. We had a good time together. Snagged some deals and headed home to put our tired feet up.

We couldn't rest for long. That evening was Daniel's 25th Birthday celebration. And it was a marshmallow theme! I had nothing prepared on the day, so I scrambled to get the decorations together and throw together a marshmallow chandelier (whats a party without a chandelier? :) We had a small and intimate gathering with a handful of friends and family. It was wonderful and relaxed. We hung out on the deck for dinner and with it being a marshmallow party we pulled out the s'mores. Yum Yum! Daniel enjoyed the fun. What a blessed fellowship!

All in all we had a lovely day, with lovely friends and celebrated a wonderful man!
Happy Birthday Babe!

Hannah Winter

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