Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Easter 2013

This years Easter was a memorable one. With the beautiful weather we received it made it picture perfect! I was a little worried with the previous week's snowstorm.  I thought we might have ended up hunting eggs in the snow. So how excited to enjoy the weekend in the sunshine!

 We were able to camp Friday night in our camper.{{Morning Glory: The Camper Revamp}} ........
{{The Campout}} Saturday I woke and left Daniel and the kids at the campsite to attend a wedding I was doing photography for. It was a gorgeous amazing wedding! The bride was absolutely gorgeous and then together as a couple? Adorable! With me being off sugar it was quite the temptation at the reception. For their guests the family had baked over 1,500 cookies and desserts! The spread was amazing! I filled a goodie bag for Daniel and the kids. Then I would feel better that someone in my family was able to enjoy all the labor of love in baking them.

 Meanwhile Daniel and the kids attended a snake feeding in our town. We have a pet store only a few blocks away. And it houses a huge 15 foot snake. weighing around 150 pounds. Anyways, it eats live chickens. So the fam didn't want to miss this opportunity. You can view the video Daniel put up of part of the feeding. {{Snake feeding at pet store!!}}

When I came home we made last minute dinner plans to have Daniel's older brother Luke and Michelle with the 2 little girls over for dinner. It was a gorgeous night so we ate out on the deck. The weather was just right it made me look forward to more evenings to enjoy good company, good food, and the beautiful outdoors.

Easter morning? Easter basket time! The kids searched hard for theirs and found some fun goodies this year. One of those was straw glasses. You wear them and when you drink the juice you can see it go up and through the glasses you wear.

Sunday we were so excited to go to church. This service was a special one. Our church was combining all 4 services that they normally have into one. So everybody that attends Redeemer would all worship together. Since that is a lot of people we had to meet in a bigger building. It was amazing to worship with so many believers.

 After church we basked in the sun on the beautiful huge front lawn and rolled down the hill.

We then made our way to Daniel's parents house for lunch and an easter egg hunt

Daniel and I found a tandem bicycle in the mass collection at his parents and decided to give it a spin. We now have the dream to add a vintage tandem bike to our camper ensemble. 

We ended the night at my parents house where we did another little Easter egg hunt of our own. After the warm up of the first easter egg hunt earlier in the day, the kids were pumped and ready to go! They had so much fun! Even long after all the eggs were found Creed was still on a focused egg search. He was determined to find more! :) We love doing object hunts in our house regularly. Instead of saving all the fun for just Easter. We have this wooden spoon that floats around the house and gets hidden lots by my kids and then found by me and then hidden again and found by someone else. The kids love it!

The best part of all was the overwhelming joy knowing our Savior is Risen and Alive!


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