Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our scamp- The camper redo

                                      Our 2nd Camper Re-do

Camping is something we LOVE to do as a family. And with the birth of our baby Florence who was premature by 4 months (she weighed 15 oz) we knew we would want to do something as a family away from a lot of germs and large crowds that could possibly get her really sick. So at the start of the year we decided we would buy another camper (we re did one already before ...Our vintage camper-The Morning Glory) but this time we would get one that was super light and easy to manage. That we would be able to pull behind us wherever we wanted to go. A lot of campers (especially older ones) are made of wood...and its heavy and it can rot. Fiberglass is amazing because it can't rot or rust and is super light. So we were on the hunt for our fiberglass camper.  And thats when we found our little Scamp. 16ft and a real beauty. We got a super awesome deal that we snatched up right away. And the great part is we didn't have to drive far. It was in our area. The layout is one big dinette, a side 2 seater dinette and kitchen and bathroom( this was a must!) Its perfect for our family of 5. She didn't have  a whole lot of fix up work, other than a rotting floor that needed replaced and a few cabinets that needed painting. The main work for me was to lighten up the small space to give it an open feel. So my concept was to go white...a durable wipe-able white. So the cabinets got painted white, I did white leather for the cushions and one of the tables and added a few subtle pops of color. I LOVE the CLASSY and TIMELESS look.
 My wonderful husband took me on a date to target where I found most of my decorations and all of the pillows for the camper. The pillows happened to be on sale that I found. :Score:!
 I didn't want to over do it on the decor since we would be taking it down and setting it up when we camped and I wanted to keep it pretty simple in the small space. I also tried to find items that didn't weigh too much or that wouldn't break.

 We are very thankful for my husbands job site where we were able to have all the tools and space we needed to fix it up. Rain or shine. We worked hard on it for a couple weeks and the end result was exactly what I was dreaming up.

For the last touch on the camper I ordered some banners and fun lighting for the camper from amazon. Lanterns, string lights, sparkling ones for the outside. Made a very fun touch for our campsite at night. And of course, my camper wasn't complete without a little chandelier. Happened to be a light to decorate a locker. But it worked perfectly for my purpose.

So without further ado...I present to you ...Edelwiess... our little scamp.

Starting work on the camper.....

Shopping for Decor!

   Before and AFTER~~
Entry door- Before


 This camper had about 20 green christmas tree clusters all over. I wasn't a fan. So I wiped them off...much better.

I wrapped my couch cushions (like I did in my first camper here...gift wrap technique) and hand stitched it closed. It worked out very nicely and this fabric is super easy to clean. 

Daniel worked really hard and did a wonderful job putting in the new floor

Happy Glamping! 

Hannah and The Winter Family


  1. Hannah, this looks so awesome. It is so inviting now. I can't wait to see your next fixer upper.

  2. Hey!! We just bought our first '79 camper! So excited to try and glam it up a bit! Great inspiration! going to dig deeper to find some how-to now! :)

  3. Where did you get that cute little chandelier??

  4. Off of amazon. It's actually a battery powered locker light. For like to put in a kids locker at school to decorate. I just used it for the camper

  5. This is great! Thanks so much posting! We are looking for glamp ideas ourselves.

  6. This is great! Thanks so much posting! We are looking for glamp ideas ourselves.

  7. Hi, wow you did a great job. Sorry for my stupid question: I would like to know how and with what product you paint all the fiberglass part of the interior? Thanks. God bless.