Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Edelwiess- Our campout

I'll post a few pictures of our recent campout with our camper. We had a blast as a family spending the weekend at Weston Bend State Park. It was a gorgeous weekend and we enjoyed the relaxation.

We are looking forward to many more fun campouts as a family.
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Happy Glamping!



  1. This is great! My wife and I are looking at a Scamp too. What sleeping arrangement do you use for your family? Especially the little ones? Thx

  2. My husband and I sleep on a double wide matteress that our dining room table in the back turns into. We have 2 kids sleep head to foot (opposite sides) on the side table that folds down to a single wide. And one on the floor. :) nice and cozy
    This summer we are adding a tree tent for a few that want to sleep outside! Hope that helps.
    Scamps are awesome!