Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The campout- the bargain- the laugh

 Our Fathers Day Campout!
Mondays...getting back into the swing of things. :) My monday entailed unpacking from our weekend campout up in Iowa. We had a blast. If you don't know what goes on at the annual Rasch Family campout.... let me enlighten you. It starts off by everybody (with their campers and tents) making a large wagon train circle (like what they used to do in the old west when they camped for the night and made a large circle) Its  a great time to sit back, relax enjoy time as a family and enjoy the time with my mom's side of the family up in Iowa. And there are lots of them (my mom comes from a family of 12 kids so we have a lot of awesome aunts, uncles, and cousins which makes for a GREAT time!
 Other than getting rained on the first night of camping with temperatures dropping like crazy then experiencing more rain part of the next day we did have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

On our way to Iowa! Kids getting stir-crazy

Adonia and Frank- the cutest wiener dog!

All worn out! Nap time!
One of the big events of the weekend. Was cooking the huge pig! It was a process! And a lot of fun to watch. It included stuffing, sewing and wrapping a several hundred pound pig. Wrapping in foil, then in soaked burlap, then digging a huge hole in the ground and adding several piles of different sized wood, lighting on fire, (making it into hot coals, setting the pig in the hole. covering with dirt and letting it cook for over a day. Yum yum!
Everybody out to watch the pig come out of the ground! Hot and cooked!

The heavy heavy pig had to be pulled up with one of my grandpa's machines

Opening it up!

It was a great weekend! I love my Iowa family more than i can express and it was such a wonderful weekend~

My diet-
 I started from the beginning again! I am on day 3 now! Going strong. Looking forward to the end! :) You can follow my youtube videos. I will post every week with an update. Here is the link!

My projects of the week!
Last weekend my sister in law went out of town. So I thought I would surprise her with a few added decor to her house. One of those was a lantern I hung above her table. I just thought I would share with you the quick and easy process it was to change a gold not so lovely looking lantern into a chic cute and easy installation.

Before- I got it for $5 at a thrift store

Taped it off and started the spray painting

$4 off white spray paint. Goes on very nice. Did about 3 coats.
 I got an extension cord and cut off the end, to where I would have the plug in part. I wired that to the lantern. So you can easily plug it in anywhere. A lot less hassle. :)


Another fun project that i had been wanting to do. Was put a window film on my door to the sun room. Just to add privacy since its our guest bedroom and also to in a way cover up the cracked glass. I really like it! It was about $15 at walmart online and i had a bit left over. Super easy to put on as well! You can still see the broken glass behind it. But not as obvious!



My Bargain finds of the week!
I am excited about my finds. It included some garage sales. And a thrift store.
 I found a set of super cute white bowls. (only one is pictured). For $3!!! They have a pour spout which is amazing, and a super cool handle grip in the back.
 I found for 50 cents a super cute vintage cup for the kids. It has a lid to it. So if they want to take a milk shake with them or any kind of drink it will tote easy!

I also found some really cool jewlery for cheap! One of my favorites being this necklace that matches my fun patterned skirt.

And found some 4th of july garb!

My Belly laugh of the week!
While up at the campout. A few of my awesome cousins and I went garage saling. One of my cousins happens to be pregnant. due in a couple weeks. So i found this 80's birthing book on exercise and stuff. Cracked me up. It had to be bought for her. only 25 cents. 25 cents for some belly laughs was worth it! I will share the front cover and a picture from the inside.

Dressed and ready for splatters
Another laugh this week. Adonia explaining Phytoplankton. Its a real thing! Funny! WATCH HERE

Thankful for this week!
We celebrated fathers day! And I am thankful for my dad! He has been such an awesome, loving, and caring dad.
And am so super thankful for the wonderful and amazing husband I have. He is a super-dee-duper dad! Just last night he got straight home from work and sat down with the kids and made bead crafts with them. And then helped adonia with her quilt. very blessed,

Blessings to you all!


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  1. lots of cute pictures, Hannah! Looks like fun!
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