Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A letter to my lovely mother!

This post I am dedicating to my lovely and very wonderful mother. She turns 50 today and has been the biggest blessing to me. So here I begin....My mother, who unbeknownst to me for many years, passed on many things that I said as a child I would never do. And now here 10 years later I am doing THE very exact things. I gotta say I am SOOOO thankful they were hereditary. :)

Things my mother passed down to me.

#1 The love and total urge to kiss adorable chubby cheeks and nibble on ears.

(Yes, my kids have to endure my constant state of chasing them around the house all day to catch them and kiss their entire adorable faces and nibble on their soft little ears.) Yes, I am a crazy mother completely in love with my kids and completely in love with kissing them like. all. the. time! I used to wonder why my mom was so strange to do this to me. But now i FULLY understand. kids are adorably CUTE and KISSABLE!

2# To slap or punch someone in the arm when they say something funny.

Yes, my husband of anybody can attest to enduring many hard punches to the chest for cracking a joke or just being downright cute. And there are probably other victims that could testify too.

#3 The urge to sing, or dance or do something strange to embarrass others around you.

 My mother was the type that would end up dancing with the life size Santa doll, or bellow out an oldies song very very loud in the middle of Walmart. Or even the time when we were in Home Depot and she was ordering the young guys loading our purchase to make sure they were all squatting when lifting the heavy loads.
 One of my favorite things I like to do is go to a restaurant and smear food all over my face (I mean just normally I tend to have food on my face just because I am a messy eater) so just take what is normally on my face and multiply it and then I love asking the waiters for a napkin. after napkin after napkin.  ha ha very fun!

#4  To not fully hear what someone is saying and turn around to repeat what you thought you heard them say and what you say is something that was obviously not said.

"What? The lima beans are quacking? The flour is snacking? The chips are napping?
I used to always say to my mom "And do you really think I would say something like that?"

Me :"Mom, I am going to the store to grab some milk"  Mom:" What? You are slipping on the floor made out of silk?" uh-hu...yep thats totally what i am doing.

And now I do the same. :)

#5 Give hugs or pats on the back to anyone and everyone!

My mom was always the type to be extra affectionate to anyone. She always has a bear hug or kiss on the cheek for anyone (even the boys who were our age that would turn bright red :) Her spirit of kindness and affection make people feel loved by her. And I remember hearing my friends talk about how fun my mom was and how she was always like a 2nd mother to them. And they always appreciated her hugs! And I have found myself wanting to spread the same cheer around! So if you meet me and only have known me a few minutes you will probably in those few minutes receive a pat on the arm or back and a hug for a goodbye. :)

#6 She is a cleaner!

Its always a blessing to have my mom around! She will end up cleaning something before she leaves. The other day she came over and cleaned out my entire fridge. She has passed on her organized gifting to me...even though sometimes at this point I don't get to all my organizing projects done like I would want too. But she has passed on the heart of service to me and I have been trying to incorporate that principle in seeking to help others with cleaning something in their home when we visit.

#7 Passionate about our Maker

I know there are so many more attributes about my mother that I desire to be like! So many things God is growing in me that I have seen Him accomplish in my mom! And one of those top things is her heart for God! Her desire to fall on her knees and cry out to Him in any circumstance (even if sometimes as a child I remember her prayers as being super long :), her wisdom to read scripture to us everyday as children and water our hearts with His word. She is a very open and real person, who wears her heart on her sleeve and ministers to others so well! I hope each and everyday that I can be a reflection of Christ like my Mom!

I love you Mommy!


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  1. Hannah, you captured my sweet sister and your dear Mama perfectly!!